The Incr-Edible Story

Our story goes back to 100 years ago, where it all began with rice. Through every generation our appreciation of the rice grain blossomed.
Today, in our 4rd generation, we know all about rice. More importantly, We are more than just rice producers, but a responsible and devoted team that cares about the environment, food waste, and value creation. For decades, we are seeking maximizing the benefit we can get out of the amazing gift from nature; the rice grain.
We successfully developed simple, sustainable, clean label, and plant-based ingredients that solve different industry challenges, and enhance food and beverage products value from rice and rice by-products. Instead of being wasted due to technological limitations, they become “Incredibly edible”, or simply, “Incr-Edible.
Sourcing Stage
Rice Farm

Rice is planted using lots of water. Therefore, the soil and water are carefully chosen to produce low heavy metal rice varieties that are safer than the average rice varieties. The result is safer, healthier, and more consumable rice byproduct ingredients, Incr-Edible.


Out of hundreds of different rice varieties, we pick 3 unique ones that satisfy our special nutritional value, low heavy metals content, and taste delicious for our customers.


When it's time, our well taken care of rice departs the land for the first time and starts the first step of creating value added products

Transport to warehouse

To ensure freshness and reduce our carbon footprint, our rice mill and rice by-products production facility is located in the middle of the Nile delta, where our low heavy metals rice is planted

Quality control

Upon arrival to the production facility, every batch goes through a quality check to ensure freshness, safety, and fulfillment of the standards we promise our customers.


The first step is sorting. This is when the rice grain is separated from any possible remains of plant, soil, or other undesirable foreign materials


Now the rice goes through a 2-step hull removal process. Where the first removes the outer golden husk of the rice grain, and the second removes the inner rice hull, where most of the health benefits of the rice is concentrated

Raw rice by-product

The inner rice hull, or "bran", the most nutritionally dense part, is now separated and needs to be treated within a period of six hours to stop the enzymatic reaction that normally occurs within untreated rice bran

Quality check

The rice bran then undergoes a second quality check to ensure the purity and absence of impurities or other remains of the rice grain

Incr-Edible Products
Value creation

This is where the magic happens. Instead of a six hours life span, using only thermal treatment, the rice bran becomes consumable for 12 months; and that's why it's "Incr-Edible". Because it's incredibly edible!


Based on different particle sizes or "fineness" demanded by our customers for different usages, our rice bran is graded accordingly.


A final check is carried after all the processes are complete before the bran is loaded to the trucks and starts the trip to our customers.

Incr-Edible Ready
Shipping to the Netherlands

Incr-Edible IN-Rich and RE-series are ready to be added to your product!

Direct delivery of IN-Rich and RE-series to our customers

Storage for pallet orders loaded from the Netherlands to the whole Europe

In the next steps, IN-Pro, IN-Xtra, and IN-Fill are extracted from IN-Rich to satisfy customer needs and solve more specific industry challenges!

Can your product be Incr-Edible too?

Besides the strong scientific support on its relation to brain and heart health, Incr-Edible is truly incredible in 5 distinct areas; being 100% plant-based, sustainable, improving health and nutritional claims, enhancing yield, functional, and sensorial properties, and offering simple recipe solutions. These are surfaced across different product lines, but more importantly play a great role in defining distinct and customizable solutions to multiple food applications.
Incr-Edible’s various product-lines are offered to serve functional food & beverage applications targeting. The basic building block is In-Rich, a powder form ingredient aimed towards producers - helping them nourish their final products with its added values. It brings nutritional value in a relatable, easy to implement form such as but not limited to breakfast cereals, burgers, nuggets, plant-based meat alternatives, bakery, meal replacement snacks and drinks. Drawing out on the distinct values in the product, Incr-Edible products bring out the bio-active components and benefits in easy-to-incorporate form to create more high value functional food, beverages and nutraceuticals. Raising the bar even higher. On an ongoing basis, Incr-Edible pursues trials for an even easier implementation recipes which saves our clients’ time and shortens the period needed for creating a higher value products.