Our sustainable plant-based ingredients solve functional, nutritional, and economic industry challenges. With science-backed solution, we create value in wide range food, nutraceuticals, beverage, cosmetics or animal feed.


A rice-based extract that naturally improves the nutritional and functional attributes of bakery products to stay on top of the increasing demand of healthier and more functional nutrition trends.
In-Xtra adds clean label, synthetics-free nutritional value while maintaining or enhancing quality and sensory attributes such as water absorption and extension resistance of bakery products. A strong antioxidant mix rich in Vitamins E, B and fiber.


Botanical extract very rich in Gamma oryzanol, Vitamins, omegas 3-6, and healthy minerals. That adds nutritional, economic, functional, and sometimes sensory value to food and beverage products


Unlike the processed and not very tasty rice protein, Our newly developed In-Pro is a less processed solution for seekers of plant-based protein with attention to amino acids profile, health, and less compromise on taste


More protein and more fiber in someone’s diet is the most common needs. How about a natural, plant-based, sustainable,, chemicals-free, GMO-free, alergy-free filler that is rich in fiber and protein?


Nutri-score race will start soon. Wanna be a winner?
In-Fiber is a 100% plant-based, allergy-free, GMO-free fiber that could raise a products nutri-score and add fiber related health and nutritional claims

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