Re-Starch PG

RE-Starch PG, is the pre-gelatinized version of RE-Starch. It is obtained from native Re-starch by gelatinizing using heating and spray drying.
To utilize the benefits of RE-Starch in cold applications such as instant pudding, RE-Starch Native goes through the process of “pregelatinization” which gives it special properties. The heating allows the granules to swell and take up water. The heating is followed by dehydration to make a fine powder again after cooking the starch. The final result is RE-Starch PG, a pre-gelatinized (or pre-cooked) starch which swells when water is added to it. Heating is then not necessary which makes it great for use in quick or ready to eat applications. It also reduces the process time and simplifies the manufacturing process.
Instant thickening or gelling effect
Apply easily to hot or cold food, beverages, and dry mixes
Clean label
Allergens and gluten free
Cost reduction compared to other similar sources
High tolerance to low PH
Plant-based texture replacement to milk fat
Moisture retention
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