Re-Starch Native

A simple and clean label replacement to processed or synthetic thickeners. RE- starch Native is a natural polymer and is the main component in the endosperm of the rice grain. Similar to the rest of our products, RE-Starch is produced from products up-cycled from mainstream rice processing. In the main production process of rice, some grains get broken up into smaller pieces. These small broken pieces are our starting material that is utilized to create our RE-Starch Native.
Next to its superior performance in end products, RE-Starch Native has great process stability and high tolerance to low pH and high processing temperatures. It can be used for texturing and giving a creamy texture. This comes with high freeze-thaw stability and resistance to synthesis.
Its white color makes mixing it with other ingredients an easy task. It also acts as a whitening agent thanks to its origins, the white rice grain. All of this comes with a clean label for the consumer, no E-numbers of chemicals.
RE-Starch Native has functions which serve a wide range of applications in the food & nutraceuticals industry. Among others RE-Starch can be used for gelling, thickening, texturizing foods, adhesion, moisture retention, and stabilizing emulsions
Clean label
Apply easily to hot or cold food, beverages, and dry mixes
High tolerance to low PH
Allergens and gluten free
Cost reduction compared to other similar sources
Moisture retention
Plant-based texture replacement to milk fat
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