In-Rich is a 100% plant-based powder that naturally improves the nutritional and functional attributes of food products to stay on top of the increasing demand of healthier and more functional nutrition trends.
In-Rich adds clean label, synthetics-free nutritional value while maintaining or enhancing quality and sensory attributes such as water absorption and extension resistance. A strong antioxidant mix rich in Vitamins E, B and fiber. In-Rich extends the shelf life of food products, replacing different chemicals and helps reduce or even eliminate E-numbers in a product formula. In-Rich is derived from the inner hull and germ of the rice grain, technically known as stabilized rice bran and germ, which are the most nutrient-dense part of the rice grain.
With the rising awareness of cardiac health, claims on heart health such as lowering LDL cholesterol levels are of increasing importance. Thanks to the high levels of plant sterols, In-Rich gets you closer to the health aware clients and adds significant value to your food products. In-Rich is a nutritious, natural, 100% sustainable, powdered rice-based formula that would enhance and fit different industries and products, solving different industry challenges.
Health, nutritional claims and increase Nutri-score
Apply easily to hot or cold food, beverages, and dry mixes
Increase function and yield for food and beverage products
100% plant-based and sustainable ingredients
Extends shelf-life
Prolongs bowl life and improve crispiness

Nutritional values

Percentage of RDI* provided per serving (28g)
0 %
0 %
0 %
0 %
0 %
0 %
0 mg
Total Omega 3s
0 mg
Omega 6s

* According to USDA​

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Tweaking a formula to fulfill more of the growing consumer demands and wishes is a complex operation. Even adjusting the current operations to meet stricter legal requirements is a tedious process. Incr-Edible Ingredients focuses on making small tweaks with big impact to increase ROI, cut costs, and improve the environmental footprint along the whole value chain. For instance, In-Xtra can take away most of E numbers in the 300 range while reaching sufficient levels of Vitamin E and plant sterols to make heart health related claims and brain health EFSA claims. 

Consumers are increasingly looking for:

  • Clean and simple products, with no additives
  • An extra nutritional boost for healthy living
  • Quality and convenience in the midst of their busy lives
  • Memorable positive sensory experiences
  • Affordability of the products they want
  • Reduce use of palm oil 
  • Reduce uses of synthetic formulations

A stabiliser is an additive to food which helps to preserve its structure. 

Typical uses include:

  • preventing oil & water emulsions from separating in products such as salad dressing;
  • preventing ice crystals from forming in frozen food such as ice cream; 
  • and preventing fruit from settling in products such as jam, yoghurt and jellies. 

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