Plant-based protein doesn’t have to compromise on protein quality, amino acids profile, taste, or odor anymore. Our new IN-Pro is a less processed solution for plant-based protein seekers with attention to amino acids profile, health, and less compromises on taste.
IN-Pro is a high quality protein derived from the inner hull and germ of the rice grain. It is for manufacturers of protein products for sports applications, producers of plant-based products with specific taste constrains, or need for developing high quality protein with a rich amino acids profile. IN-Pro can be used alone or mixed with other sources of protein.
Improve protein quality and amino acids profile
Protein utilization and retention
Minimal taste and odor
High digestibility and protein efficiency ratio (PER)
Economic benefits when added recipe or formula
Apply easily to hot or cold food, beverages, and dry mixes

Nutritional values

Benchmarking against alternatives

 IN-ProSoy protein concentrateWhey proteinPea protein concentrate
Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER)
True Digestibility (TD)78%9595
Biological Value (BV)85%7410464
Net Protein Utilization (NPU)67%679247

Technical specs sheet

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