An incredible filler that not only increases recipe yield, but also nutritional and functional benefits. A filler and a carrier to replace less healthy, high calorie, or processed carriers.
More protein and more fiber in someone’s diet is the most common need. How about a natural, plant-based, sustainable, chemicals-free, GMO-free, allergy-free filler that is rich in fiber and protein? IN-Fill ticks all these boxes, and more!
IN-Fill is derived from the inner hull and germ from the rice grain, with all the fat and oil removed. Therefore it has high potential as a filler. IN-Fill can be a healthy and tasty substitute to fillers and carriers for different food, beverage, and sports products.
Absorbs and utilizes free water movement
Carrier for selective enrichment, fibers, and boi-active components
Provides stable emulsion
Low Glycemic Index carrier and binder
Apply easily to hot or cold food, beverages, and dry mixes
Increase function, yield and reduce production costs
Good water holding capacity
Reduce cooking loss of the product
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