A complete product line of high performing ingredients that are based on 100% plant-based, sustainable, clean label, and allergies-free rice by-product.

The “IN-series” ingredients are solely derived from the internal rice hull (bran) and rice grain germ. They are one of the most nutrient dense natural sources that contain high quality protein, a rich amino acids profile, healthy fats, fibers, vitamins, and minerals. Thanks to our efficient and chemicals-free treatment; the chemical activity that normally occurs between the bran and the germ after the separation from the rice grain doesn’t occur. And hence, the rice bran and germ become “incredibly edible” and suitable for human consumption.

Our “IN-series” ingredients utilize the natural benefits to create health, nutritional, economic, and functional value among various applications while saving the environment and reducing food and water waste. Is there anything better than saving the environment, reducing waste, and offer solutions of other food industries at the same exact time?


In-Rich is a 100% plant-based powder that naturally improves the nutritional and functional attributes of food products to stay on top of the increasing demand of healthier and more functional nutrition trends.


In-Xtra is rich in Gamma oryzanol, Vitamins, omegas 3-6. In-Xtra adds nutritional, economic, functional, and often sensory value to food and nutraceuticals  products.


Plant-based protein doesn’t have to compromise on protein quality, amino acids profile, taste, or odor anymore. Our new IN-Pro is a less processed solution for plant-based protein seekers with attention to amino acids profile, health, and less compromises on taste.


An incredible filler that not only increases recipe yield, but also nutritional and functional benefits. A filler and a carrier to replace less healthy, high calorie, or processed carriers.