Incr-Edible Meat

Your new meat product’s new best friend. It delivers health benefits, clean label, synthetics free nutrition, and economic benefits while maintaining or enhancing quality and sensory attributes. An increased cooking yield, improved gumminess, chewiness, and moisture retention for a better more juicy mouthfeel. Moreover, a clean label synthetics-free nutritional enhancement in protein with a unique amino acids profile, fibers, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fatty acids. In-Rich is not only a unique natural substitute for synthetic elements, but also has economic benefits for the product, and health benefits for the consumer. In-Rich offers a very unique combination of a natural, plant-based, clean label, functional, economic, and easy to implement solution for meat and plant-based products.
Clean label
Increase moisture content and juicy feel
Heart friendly, lowering LDL cholesterol
Increase volume
Reduce trans fat

Applications in Meat

Incr-Edible Burger & Meat analogues
Incr-Edible Plant-based Burger
Incr-Edible Sausage
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In-Rich is a nutritious, natural, 100% sustainable, powdered rice-based formula that would enhance and fit different industries and products, that would:


Botanical Extract very rich in Gamma oryzanol, Vitamins, omegas 3-6, and healthy minerals. That adds nutritional, economic, functional, and sometimes sensory value to food and beverage products

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