Incr-Edible Cereals & Breakfast

In-Rich is a natural, clean label, sustainable, rice-based powder that delivers synthetics free nutrition while maintaining or enhancing quality and sensory attributes such as crispiness and longer bowl life. A strong antioxidant mix rich in Vitamins E and B extends the shelf life of cereal and breakfast products, replacing different chemicals and helps reduce or even eliminate E-numbers in your formula. To meet growing market demands for both healthier food products, In-Rich improves the nutritional value of your food product by increasing protein, vitamins, minerals, omega-3, omega-6, and of course fiber content. The result is a higher fiber content, higher Nutri-score, and a lower Glycemic Index without negative effects on sensory attributes, but rather sensory attributes improvement.
Improve crispiness
Higher fiber & Lower Glycemic Index
Clean label
Replace synthetic vitamins & minerals
Prolongs bowl life

Applications in Breakfast cereals

Incr-Edible Cereal
Incr-Edible Granola
Incr-Edible Puffed cereal
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In-Rich is a nutritious, natural, 100% sustainable, powdered rice-based formula that would enhance and fit different industries and products, that would:


Botanical Extract very rich in Gamma oryzanol, Vitamins, omegas 3-6, and healthy minerals. That adds nutritional, economic, functional, and sometimes sensory value to food and beverage products

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