Incr-Edible Bakery

In-Rich is a rice-based powder that naturally improves the nutritional and functional attributes of bakery products to stay on top of the increasing demand of healthier and more functional nutrition trends. In-Rich adds clean label, synthetics-free nutritional value while maintaining or enhancing quality and sensory attributes such as water absorption and extension resistance of bakery products. A strong antioxidant mix rich in Vitamins E, B and fibre. In-Rich extends the shelf life of bakery products, replacing different chemicals and helps reduce or even eliminate E-numbers in a product formula. With the rising awareness of cardiac health, claims on heart health such as as lowering LDL cholesterol levels are of increasing importance. Thanks to the high levels of plant sterols, In-Rich gets you closer to the health aware clients and add significant value to your bakery products.
Improve nutritional value and nutri-score
Improved water absorption
Strong antioxidant mix
Extends the shelf life
100% Plant-based
Clean label

Applications in Bakery

Incr-Edible Bread
Incr-Edible Pizza
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In-Rich is a nutritious, natural, 100% sustainable, powdered rice-based formula that would enhance and fit different industries and products, that would:


Botanical Extract very rich in Gamma oryzanol, Vitamins, omegas 3-6, and healthy minerals. That adds nutritional, economic, functional, and sometimes sensory value to food and beverage products

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