Incr-Edible Ingredients

We create sustainable plant-based ingredients that solve functional, nutritional, and economic industry challenges. Using science-backed solutions, we develop food ingredients that create value for a wide range of food, nutraceuticals, beverage, or cosmetics applications.​

Product Series


Growing market demands for more inclusive and allergy-free products requires ingredients that do not compromise on taste, quality, or function. Therefore, our “RE-series” offers rice-based ingredients that are gaining popularity as they are proving their success and performance in the market, being great alternatives to classic ingredients that are now problematic.

Our “RE-series” offers more than just great performance. They are 100% plant-based, clean label, allergy-free, and they utilize the benefits of broken rice grains that would normally be disregarded or sold for less valuable applications. Thus, using “RE-series” ingredients would reduce food waste, sustain, and utilize nature’s gifts instead of creating synthetic ingredients. 

A wide variety of applications are possible with “RE-series”. Creating nutritional, functional, and health value is achievable and does not require complex manufacturing processes. Suitable for both food and sports nutrition, and functional snacks applications.



A complete product line of high performing ingredients that are based on 100% plant-based, sustainable, clean label, and allergies-free rice by-product.

The “IN-series” ingredients are solely derived from the internal rice hull (bran) and rice grain germ. They are one of the most nutrient dense natural sources that contain high quality protein, a rich amino acids profile, healthy fats, fibers, vitamins, and minerals.

Thanks to our efficient and chemicals-free treatment; the chemical activity that normally occurs between the bran and the germ after the separation from the rice grain doesn’t occur. And hence, the rice bran and germ become “incredibly edible” and suitable for human consumption.

Our “IN-series” ingredients utilize the natural benefits to create health, nutritional, economic, and functional value among various applications while saving the environment and reducing food and water waste. Is there anything better than saving the environment, reducing waste, and offer solutions of other food industries at the same exact time?


Incr-Edible ingredients  integrates into a multitude of applications to bring nutritional or sensory value. Choose your product category and find ways to make your product incredible.

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